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Marcus Garvey Museum

Marcus Garvey Museum.

The Marcus Garvey multimedia Museum at liberty Hall on Kings Street downtown Kingston has being renovated at the cost of 13.6 million. The project was funded by the Tourism Enhancement Fund and designed by Chicago-based Company Art on the Loose. To upgrade the historical landmark which was Jamaica first National Hero, his Excellently Marcus Mosiah Garvey? Now features interactive touchscreen exhibits, face-morphing technology and life size graphics. Dr. Donna McFarlane the Director/Curator of Liberty Hall said the launch was preceded by the 7th annual Marcus Garvey lecture, who presented under the theme: ‘Education for Liberation: The Role of Museums’. The redesigned museum boasts the addition of two new exhibits on Africa and Self-Identity, and will provide visitors with historical information on Africa that deconstructs colonial histories and dispels myths. “It represents the life and work of Garvey by allowing him to speak for himself about his life’s journey, the development of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) into the largest black organization ever, as well as Garvey’s systemic challenge to the subservient position ascribed to black people,” she noted. She added that the newly redesigned museum now includes exhibitions that explore Garvey’s teachings directed at revisioning “our self-identity and deconstructing our knowledge and understanding of African history”. “In our collection over the years of stories of self-identity from adults and children that are now featured in the museum, you will see that we still carry an aversion to blackness, preference to lighter shades of skin and preconceived notions about persons according to their skin colour,” Dr. McFarlane said. “We believe that in presenting 10 of these stories in an exhibition, visitors to the museum will reflect on similar occurrences in their own lives as well as how these may have an effect on their own thoughts and utterances,” she added..

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